In 1991, RATSON was founded as a trading company which worked on industrial chemistry. We started our company by serving the industry company and trading company in the chemical products. As a trading company, we are supported by some manufacture companies. Now RATSON Group develops itself by not only supplying the chemical products but also Shipbuilding.

For Shipbuilding services we have production capacity about 10 Tug Boat and 15 LCT (Landing Craft Tank) a year with 800-1500 ton LCT capacity. And produce several kind of vessel by order. Not only the local market, we also serve global market.


Our Shipyard Philosophy

” Each vessel shares our passion for quality and perfection “

 RATSON Shipyard Indonesia

For more than 10 years, RATSON Group has been a leading shipbuilding in Indonesia. Now, we’re more advanced and competitive for shipbuilding.

Now, more than ever, RATSON Group is your best choice for shipbuilding in Indonesia.RATSON Group also builds all types of Tug Boats, Landing Craft Tank, Offshore Supply Vessels, …etc and any kind of boat in Fibreglass material by order. From the smallest Tug Boat to the largest LCT (Landing Craft Tank), our vessels share one very important advantage: a company-wide commitment to quality. And more than 10 years, RATSON Group has been known throughout the world for solidly built vessels, delivered on time and at a competitive price.

Our Shipyard Philosophy



Main Office:
Jl. Kahuripan No.7
Surabaya 60265 – Jawa Timur – Indonesia
Phone: (6231) 5677256 (Hunting)
Fax: (6231) 5672467

Broker Division: