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Evolution of Landing Craft Tank (LCT) and Its Various Functions

 November 07, 2017

Landing Craft Tank (LCT) as oil transport vessel

There is also a modified LCT type vessel, making it suitable for transporting oil. Surely this requires a fairly large ship. Because the oil load is quite heavy. And in one go, it would be more efficient to carry enough oil. All that must be thought by the manager of the ship.

Variant and Size of Landing Craft Tank Ship

Landing Craft Tank (LCT) have different carrying capacity. The price of the vessel is parallel to its’ load capacity. Larger load capacity requires more hauling power, and better machine performance, these are the deciding factors for prices. Ratson recommends only the Landing Craft Tank (LCT) with high specifications, for efficiency. Load capacity of the Landing Craft Tank (LCT), are as listed below:

Landing Craft Tank (LCT) 500 tons

Landing Craft Tank (LCT) 700 tons

Landing Craft Tank (LCT) 1000 tons

Landing Craft Tank (LCT) 1200 tons

Landing Craft Tank (LCT) 1500 tons

Landing Craft Tank (LCT) 1700 tons

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